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Tis the Season to be… In Anguilla

The quiet and peaceful island of Anguilla was an A list celebrity hotspot over this holiday season

Stunning turquoise waters, award winning beaches and an abundance of fantastic restaurants. It is no wonder that Anguilla has drawn a multitude of A-List celebrities such as Denzel Washington, Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson and Robert Downey Jr this holiday season.

Anguilla is one of the lesser known island hideaways tucked away amidst the larger islands of Puerto Rico, BVI and Antigua. It is however clearly on the radar of those in the know. Over Christmas and New Year many celebrity super yachts dropped anchor off its fair shores and took their tenders to many of the fabulous restaurants and luxury residences. The airport too became a hotbed of activity filling up with private jets as people escaped the cold weather to enjoy a warmer climate, beach parties and friendly people.

It wasn’t just Hollywood that moved to Anguilla over the Christmas break, musicians, football players, and presenters were also spotted in the luxury hotels and beachfront bars and restaurants. Kelly Osbourne, Warren Sapp and even Paul McCartney were seen enjoying the local cuisine and staying in the various luxury hotels.

Anguilla is fast becoming the destination of the rich and famous as this beautiful unspoilt island is only the size of Manhattan and yet has 33 distinct beaches to enjoy. The island is free of chains and tourist traps and enjoys being a simple real Caribbean island, unsullied by commercialization and tourism. Those who have discovered this rare gem are already taking residence here in some of the rare luxury beachfront residences such as Zemi Beach on Shoal Bay which was labelled one of the best beaches in the world on the Discovery channel.


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