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Seven Natural Wonders of the Caribbean

The Pitons

Set within the verdant boundaries of a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage site, the Pitons are undoubtedly one of nature’s works of art. These towering volcanic spires overlook the glistening Caribbean Sea and are home to an abundance of flora and fauna. The peaks are popular with hikers looking to soak up the views, as well as nature enthusiasts and budding photographers alike.


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The Great Blue Hole, Belize

Exploring the dark, deep depths of the earth’s largest sinkhole is a daring prospect that sees divers flock from the world over wet suit in hand, ready to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. The sinkhole is home to over six species of shark and a host of exotic marine life, illuminating the seabed with colour and vibrancy. You’ll need to be an experienced diver to give it a try, but the rewards are plentiful.


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Pitch Lake Trinidad

Fortunately for Trinidad’s Pitch Lake, nobody said that to qualify as a natural wonder you had to be pretty. Having baffled scientists and explorers in the early years with its obscure composition, the lake has since gone on to be a hot topic of scientific research, as well as a popular tourist attraction. At 75 metres deep, it is the world’s largest natural deposit of asphalt.


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Bonaire National Marine Park

Comprised of 6,700 acres of aqua blue underwater paradise, this world-famous marine park sits at the top of bucket lists the world over thanks to the incredible array or marine life that calls the area home. You’ll discover almost every type of species of hard and soft coral the Caribbean has to offer within the boundaries of the park, which is also a popular hangout for flamingos, herons and pelicans. Many endangered species of turtles choose to nest in the safety of the park thanks to a number of longstanding conservation projects operating at the heart of the area.


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Harrison’s Cave, Barbados

Deep beneath the earth’s surface away from the scorching Caribbean heat lies a natural wonder, steeped in a history that stretches back centuries. Thanks to the calcium-rich water that passes through the cave, stalagmites and stalactites have formed in all shapes and sizes, creating a striking sea of beauty. Visitors traverse the caves via tram, with the true highlight being The Great Hall – a 50-metres tall, open space 700ft above sea level.


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Pekelmeer Salt Flats

Whilst the list of ancient wonders of the world boasts the Pyramid of Giza, the Caribbean has its very own marvel in the sand. The salt flats of Pekelmeer truly are a natural spectacle, as home to towering pyramids of salt surrounded by azure blue, it’s hard not to be taken back by the theatre of it all. Pekelmeer is also well known for the swathes of luminous pink flamingos that line the waters of the sanctuary – one of only four places in the world where flamingos breed.


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Sulphur Springs Park, St. Lucia

Just south of Castries lies the Caribbean’s sole drive-in volcano, Soufriere, where visitors are afforded front row seats to this stunning, active geothermal area. Smell aside, the sulphuric hot springs and mud baths make for a relaxing afternoon, and are packed full of minerals that have therapeutic qualities. Although the volcano has lied dormant for over two centuries, visitors can still witness the beast bubbling up close from the very edge of the crater.


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