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The Parade of Troupes

The Caribbean has always been known for its pageantry and pomp, with celebrations such as Anguillan Day renowned world-wide. One the most celebrated visual events in the region is the Parade of Troupes, which takes place at the climax of the Anguilla Summer Festival which this year is set for August 9th.

What is it?

The Parade of Troupes is a wonderful event that see’s locals come together for a parade around the streets of The Valley in Anguilla. Participating Troupes arrive in the hundreds, dressed in stunning costumes most of which have a Caribbean influence. The Parade fills the streets of Anguilla in a spectrum of colour which resonates to the accompanying groove of Calypso and Soca music. The Parade attracts large crowds which throw themselves into the celebrations, dancing along with the Troupes.

The 2013 Parade of Troupes

This years 2013 Parade will see twelve Troupes jovially competing to be the most flamboyant in costume and energetic presence.

The Island Majorettes
6 Elements of Beauty and Glamour
Blowing Point Community
Dungeon Legends
Living Paradise
Zulu’s from STT
Klassique Ole Timers
Make Mas
Duk De Boss
The Superfly String Band Troupe
The SKB Troupe
The SKB Clowns

The Parade of Troupes is accompanied by some of the finest Caribbean marching bands, all of them playing their own interpretations of Soca and Calypso. Fittingly for a festival that prides itself on friendly competition, the bands themselves are competing for the title of ‘Road March Champions’.

As well as observing the Troupes, the Parade is also a great chance to get another look at the winners of some of the festival’s other competitions like the Calypso battle between the island’s bands, the popular boat races and the winner of the prestigious Miss Anguilla pageant. All of them are in great spirits following their victory, and are happy participants in the event.

The Festival

The Parade of Troupes is a stunning climax to the Anguilla Summer Festival held annually between July 27th and August 12th. The spectacle plays host to many Caribbean events from live music and street jams to boat races and pageants. Please follow this link for the full 2013 Festival Schedule.

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