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Matchmaking Love and Luxury


on a Luxury Caribbean Vacation

The Caribbean has always been popular for weddings and honeymoons but now a new website is taking it one step further. launches an exclusive luxury matchmaking service combined with the ultimate vacation experience. The process matches singles based on personality type, age and/or religious preferences — but instead of the typical uncomfortable hit or miss blind date, singles are introduced through a fun and relaxing week-long luxury all-inclusive vacation in the US and British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

“Whether a homebody or the life of the party, has adapted the personal valet service found on luxury yachts to the first class resort-like experience that will appeal to a broad range of affluent singles of all ages. Then added the element of specialized matchmaking to enhance the overall experience,”

says Mark Denebeim, also known as Captain Romance, the Founder of

Guests will enjoy the unique yachting and island five-star vacation experience while having an opportunity to meet their perfect match! The team at Paradise Match has secured and scheduled the most sought after destinations and local villas, gourmet restaurants and caterers, and top island entertainers to create the ultimate high-end experience. This perfect mix of luxury accommodation and five-star amenities offers the perfect setting for a greater chance of success in finding the perfect match!

Typical Experience

Each day begins with morning yoga and a full champagne breakfast and ends with poolside cocktail parties featuring live entertainment and singles games that take guests into the sunset hours. The host personally coordinates and guides guests through a variety of daily activities, including island hopping excursions on luxury yachts, snorkeling, golf, helicopter rides and other water activities. While on board the yachts and at the island destinations, guests enjoy fine dining, visits to famous Virgin Island beach bars, and hours of relaxation on deck where they’ll soak up the sun and mingle with like-minded singles. The sailing catamarans and top of the line power boats take them to beautiful island locations such as St. John, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Norman Island. (Passports are required as guests will be going to the British Virgin islands as well.)

Meeting Mr / Mrs Right

The website recognizes that input from friends is an important part of the dating process, so they actively encourage singles to invite their friends along to share their luxury experience. Special discounts for multiple and advanced bookings make it easy for friends to take part in the experience together.

The all-inclusive week-long luxury vacation is the perfect matchmaking service for busy men and women looking to meet other high quality singles. takes care of all the vacation and socializing details, so singles can focus on having an amazing Caribbean Island experience while creating long-lasting, meaningful relationships in the setting of the beautiful US and British Virgin Islands.

For more Information: introduces the perfect combination of matchmaking and luxury yacht vacation experience! for more information please visit:


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