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Luxury with Sustainabilty in Mind

Luxury Caribbean Resorts

Built with Sustainability in Mind

Warm and welcoming, the Caribbean offers a rich and vibrant playground, where there is something to suit everyone. Residents can relax, explore and come alive surrounded by unrivalled white beaches, unspoiled rainforests and clear seas in any one of the fabulous luxury residences the Caribbean has to offer. Now residents can do all this with the knowledge that the residences they stay in have been developed with the concerns of the communities and islands in mind.

Developers have made it their aim to create properties with sustainability as a cornerstone of their on-going projects. At Zemi Beach in Anguilla and Sugar Beach in St Lucia, this ideal of sustainability is one that both strictly adhere to. Each resort has been designed in a classic Caribbean style, that even when infused with a modern twist has ensured an aesthetic still inspired by the region to create a feeling of luxury and relaxation. More than this, the Zemi Beach and Sugar Beach properties have made it their aim to source and harness local products straight from their neighbouring communities. Through locally produced fruit, vegetable, meat and fish produce guests are afforded the freshest food at all times and treated to the intensity and richness of flavours that the Caribbean climate provides.

The proprietors of Zemi Beach and Sugar Beach work at all times alongside their communities, ensuring that the produce is maintained to the highest of standards – whilst still retaining a traditional Caribbean style. Local businesses are actively encouraged to supply these materials and produce in the hope that Anguilla, St Lucia and the Caribbean as a whole prospers from the local communities being allowed to flourish.

Supporting the local community is essential to creating a sustainable environment. With Zemi Beach’s construction, over 300 jobs and a further 130 jobs when the resort is operational have been created. Likewise at Sugar Beach, 99% of the workforce comes from the Soufriére region and neighbouring villages. The main contribution made to local community has come in the salaries and wages paid to the local workforce. Training has also been provided ensuring future employment and regular monetary donations are given to the community. Included in this are scholarship programmes to help further the development of the young people in Soufriére and the local area.

Maintaining the natural landscape has also been a priority in ensuring the sustainability of the Caribbean islands. It is clear that the outstanding natural beauty of the Caribbean is the reason for the unique charm and luxury that the islands offer. It is for this reason that the upmost respect has been place on maintaining the natural surroundings.

At Zemi Beach great emphasis has been placed on minimising the impact on the residences natural settings by respecting the flora and fauna in place before the development. Indigenous plants have been carefully removed and stored for replantation. Coastal areas have remained unspoilt and significant trees and natural formations have been painstakingly preserved. The construction itself has also been designed to be environmentally friendly, using not only locally sourced products but minimising the usage of resources.Energy efficient technology has also been employed across both sites. At Zemi Beachsolar panels have been placed on all buildings to aid water heating and energymanagement systems have been installed to keep efficiency to the highest levels. AtSugar Beach, all waste is collected and separated and treated on site with any foodwaste being used by nearby farmers for animal feed. Sugar Beach is also the firstdevelopment on St Lucia to use eco-friendly hybrid golf carts. Designed and built inChina, they are among the first such vehicles in the Caribbean.

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