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Living the Luxury Life in the Caribbean

The reasons behind you making a trip to the Caribbean are unlikely to be business related, so, assuming you’re travelling there for pleasure, you’ll want your vacation to be as luxurious as possible. And in the Caribbean, there’s no limit to how much you can indulge, after all, you’re on holiday!


Some of the most beautiful hotels and resorts on the planet are found within the Caribbean, so you’ll have a plethora to choose from, and luxury living will come as standard. If you’re after a little celebrity spotting coupled with 5-star beach service, then Sandy Lane in Barbados could provide just what you need.

To add a touch of drama to your retreat, more specifically, its location – why not book a stay at Eden Rock in St Barths. As the name suggests, it sits atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the crystal blue waters below. For the ultimate luxury experience, stay in the resort’s “Rockstar” villa, which boasts multiple pools, private beach access, and even a state of the art recording studio; hence the name. For even more luxury hotel inspiration, take a look here:

Caribbean Pool | Luxury Caribbean News | Luxury Travel Blog


If you’re residing in luxury whilst in the Caribbean, then travel to and around as many of the 15 beautiful islands and cays as possible should be your goal. There is always the option of using private jet charters to get you to your destination, taking a sizeable amount of stress out of travelling. And, once you’re there, you can hire a private boat to cruise around and explore paradise in luxury. Having your very own crew to deliver whatever you desire as you jet around the islands is surely the way to live on your indulgent getaway? If you’re craving a little more adventure, you could hire a private guide to help you explore all the secret and most exclusive island spots; you’ll be sure to end up in postcard-perfect havens.

Caribbean Boat | Luxury Caribbean News | Luxury Travel Blog


Whatever your taste and food preferences, one thing’s for sure; you will not go hungry on your Caribbean escape, as there is an abundance of fresh and delicious food. For scenic, cliff-side cuisine, book a table at Rockhouse Restaurant and enjoy a modern take on Jamaican classics. Barbados offers up The Cliff restaurant, renowned for its impeccable food, attentive staff and theatrical setting. If you’re able to get a reservation and can deal with the price tag, you’ll have a dining experience that’s unmatched when it comes to luxury. If you need some help finding the best fine dining the Caribbean has to offer, take a look here.

Caribbean Sunset | Luxury Caribbean News | Luxury Travel Blog


The Caribbean can offer you some of the most luxurious experiences in the world, and there’s no shortage of options. Whatever level of service, activities, and luxury you’re searching for, you’ll have no trouble finding them in one of the opulent resorts scattered across the Caribbean’s many beautiful islands. All it takes is a little advanced planning before you jet off, and you’ll be sure to make some lifelong memories that you can always treasure.



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