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Cinnamon Bay, the Tranquil Oasis of the Caribbean Islands

Tranquil Cinnamon Bay

On the Luxurious Caribbean Island of St John

The Caribbean islands represent a popular vacation destination that need no presentation or promoting; however there are some remote, little known locations that attract tourists and families looking for a relaxing, eco friendly vacation.

Cinnamon Bay is a great example of a remote, tranquil Caribbean hideaway where many people come to enjoy the perfectly preserved nature. Located on the Dutch Caribbean Island of St. John, Cinnamon Bay offers its tourists a variety of site locations, with some of them being located near the beach, right on the coast, and some others hidden in the forest.

You can camp or rent a cottage with the campsite having all the necessary amenities such as bathrooms, toilets and showers.

The Cinnamon Bay beach is the largest on the island and is only one minute away from any of the camping locations, no matter where they are positioned. And in case that you are wondering, the Cinnamon Bay is named that way because it is located close to a historic cinnamon plantation.

Cinnamon Bay also offers a range of small cottages that are scattered among the island trees. Every little house is 15 by 15 feet and provides a little terrace; twin beds, full electrical access, a fan, a picnic table and cooking utensils.

Upon arrival if you would like to camp, you will be able to rent the tent and all the camping accessories that are needed for a pleasant and charming vacation close to the nature. While you are on the beach, residents also have the option of renting various sailing crafts in order to explore the coast of the island; you can also learn how to sail.

The clear , shallow waters of Cinnamon Bay make it the perfect place for snorkeling. In addition to this, numerous activities are organized for the visitors on a weekly basis, such as trips to Lameshur Bay or Salt Pond Bay, the Reef Bay hike, and even snorkeling at the Trunk Bay snorkeling trail. Cinnamon Bay offers also the possibility of renting Sea kayaks, sailboards and sail boats. You can attend courses with teachers that will teach you how to practice all these water sports.

There are several restaurants on the island where you will find all kinds of dishes including traditional Caribbean, Indian, American and International, as well as a small general store that provides a great variety of products.

Cinnamon Bay also boasts a rich history that stretches back to when the island was populated by the Taino Indians. The locals will tell you that the first settlement was established on the island almost one thousand years ago.

After 1492, the English and Danish settlers built sugar plantations there and harvested rum using slaves that were brought from Africa. Then, the island was owned by the Danish and the Puerto Ricans, and the land of the island was used to raise cattle. In fact, the ruins of a former Danish building are now one of the main attractions of the archaeological museum, where the tourists can see many Taino artifacts and find out about the way the plantations on the island were organized and managed.

You can get to St. John by plane, flying to Cyril E King Airport on St Thomas; then you can get a ferry that will take you to St John Island. It will be a pleasant 15 minute ride on the sea that will cost 5 USD per person and 3 USD per suitcase.

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