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Guide to the Caribbean for 2012

The Caribbean

A guide for 2012

Escape to the Caribbean dream in 2012. Warm and welcoming, the Caribbean offers a rich and vibrant playground, where there is something to suit everyone. Choose from the islands of Anguilla and Bermuda, to Dominica, St Lucia, St Martin and beyond, the Caribbean is now your 2012 holiday destination of a lifetime.

Relax, explore and come alive surrounded by unrivalled white beaches, unspoiled rainforests and clear seas in any one of the fabulous luxury residences the Caribbean has to offer.

Providing guests with the best that life has to offer, Anguilla offers travellers a slower pace of life. Nestled in the north of the Caribbean, Anguilla is a perfect destination for guests to unwind and relax. Warmed year round by endless summer sun, guests can relax in luxury property surrounded by unrivalled white beaches, breathtaking turquoise seas and clear blue skies.

Offering unique and low-key pleasure, Anguilla is inclined towards the more gentle pursuits that the Caribbean has to offer. Never far away from any of the art galleries, excellent restaurants, and some of the finest wine cellars in the Caribbean, Anguilla offers delights for even the most discerning of traveller.

With over thirty beaches on the island, guests can relax in luxury, or take to the seas and explore the amazing reef systems and off-shore wrecks that make for great diving experiences. Discover the Caribbean’s rich and varied sea life, and explore the many underwater caverns and craters, whilst geothermal vents that pocket the ocean floor gently warm you.

During the summer months, Anguilla’s annual Summer Festival brings a change of pace to the island. Boat races, pageants and street parties provide a variety of excitement for all.

You never need be confined to just one island on your Caribbean adventure. With excellent links between the islands by sea and air, the Caribbean delights in opening up a variety of new sights and choices all whilst you stay in the luxurious property of your choice.

Travellers can experience the enchantment of St Martin’s Carnival season or become captivated by the ‘Nature Island’ of the Caribbean, Dominica. Likened to one spectacular outdoor gym and spa, guests on Dominica can experience hiking any of the 300 miles of island paths or take in a afternoon of whale and dolphin watching aboard one of the many catamarans that tour the island.

Or, if it is excitement and glamour that suits you, the Bermuda Grand Slam of Golf tournament or any of its sailing races are an opportunity not to be missed.

For a sense of adventure and variety, the island of St Lucia has the versatility to suit all needs. The perfect place for rejuvenation, romance and adventure, St Lucia provides escapism at its very best. Natural landscapes, palm fringed beaches and unspoiled rainforest, provide that idyllic environment that allow you to relax, unwind, and enrich the mind and body.

Your senses will be overwhelmed by St Lucia’s vibrant and colourful environment of sound, sights and aromas. Mineral rich mud, steam baths, supplied by the Soufriere volcano, provide some of the most unique and sophisticated spa treatments in the world. The weekly Dennery Fish Festival, ushers in the tantalizing aroma of the sea whilst the St Lucia Jazz Festival brings the islands to life as it dances to the sound of jazz. One of the most anticipated events of the international music festival circuit, the St Lucia Jazz festival has played host to past performers including Kenny G, Rihanna and John Legend.

Indulge your fantasies therefore, celebrate the finer things in life and bask in the luxury that the Caribbean has to offer. Relaxation, escapism and luxury and the memories of a lifetime are the Caribbean’s gift to you in 2012.

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