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The Caribbean Goes Sailing Crazy

The Caribbean will be a vibrant place in early 2014 for a whole host of reasons, but it will be a certain paradise for those who love the high seas. That is because the first three months of the year will be packed with sailing events across the region, and you certainly wouldn’t want to be the person to miss out on the associated festivities.

Therefore it is hardly surprising that some of the owners of luxury Caribbean property have bought their places just so they can get up closer to the action, although it probably doesn’t hurt that the weather is usually fabulous too… However, even if you can’t afford a slice of Caribbean real estate just yet, you can still come as a visitor.

Here are the main events that you will want to add to your itinerary, even if you only have time and money for one or two of them:


Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados Race

Between 17th-19th January you can watch the Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados Race – an event that dates back to the 19th century. It is all based upon a race to win the title of the fastest ‘Trading Schooner’ – something that was very important in the age of cargo transportation by ships. The amusing twist to this tale was that there was a consolation prize of a barrel of Mount Gay Rum, meaning some captains wanted to be the slowest vessel instead. These days, the fastest boats win highly regarded trophies, and it is the record breakers who can get their hands on the rum.


Heineken Regatta Curacao

If you will be in the Caribbean from the 25th-27th January 2014, you should make your way to the island of Curacao for the annual regatta. It all started in 2008, and has grown significantly since then. The event now welcomes sailors from many places over the world including the Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and many other communities in the Caribbean. What has put this regatta on the map is the location of the island; it sits below the hurricane belt meaning that it is a bit of a safe haven for sailors. The other reason is due to the amazing parties that take place after a day on the water…


The Superyacht Challenge Antigua

Antigua has its own event that takes place at the end of January. From 30th January to 2nd February, you can watch the drama on the waves at the Superyacht Challenge. This event is all about fair racing and good companionship, and involves up to 15 boats. Therefore it is a more intimate gathering than some of the other events, but you will still be able to cast your eyes over the 80ft yachts taking part.

Other events

If you still have a sailing appetite to satiate, try the South Grenada Regatta for size. It takes place between 6th-9th March and is known as the “fun regatta for all” – there are lots of family events that run alongside the racing. It all takes place at the Le Phare Bleu Marina, a place where you will be able to enjoy a floating bar and music from steel bands. Then again if you will be in Antigua between 24th-28th February, the RORC Caribbean 600 might be more your thing. The sixth edition of this race will be taking place and the competition is already hotting up ahead of the event.

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