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The Ultimate Caribbean Bucket List

Comprised of over 700 islands and spanning 2.754 million km², the Caribbean is a far-reaching collection of paradisiacal holiday hubs. And whilst we all know that these islands are home to some of the finest, purest, most delightful white-sand beaches in the world, there’s more excitement to be had than baking yourself in the heat of the sun with a cocktail in-hand. Read on to find out what’s on our ultimate Caribbean bucket list.

Hire a private boat and cruise the Bahamas

The Bahamas is comprised of 15 main islands and complemented by hundreds of stunning cays. To explore them all would take weeks, but choosing a handful of the best and loading the boat with your favourite ice cold drinks, snacks, snorkelling gear and your very own crew is the ultimate way to hop between them. Nothing says relaxation like the Caribbean sunshine beaming down upon you and your friends as you drift along the pristine ocean. Choose a base and take day trips to smaller islands or opt for a boat that allows you to sleep on-board overnight to cruise them all. Snorkel, BBQ, dive, hike and fish the days away before retiring to your private boat to absorb the sunset.


Swim with stingrays

If you’ve ever seen a stingray whilst out diving, you’ll know that these majestic creatures are truly captivating. Head to Stingray City in Grand Cayman for a day of up close and personal action. The coral reefs in the shallows of the water are spectacular and lend themselves to become the perfect backdrop to your southern stingray experience. Swim with a group of stingrays, stroke them, feed them or simply watch them from the comfort of a glass bottom boat. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about this wandering giants.


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Hike through the forest in Puerto Rico

Pico el Toro is the highest peak in the Caribbean. Hike amid dense vegetation, through gently flowing streams, past cascading waterfalls and amble along muddy trails to reach the peak for some of the most incredible views in all the Caribbean. The rainforest is rich with wildlife, colourful flora and the sounds of nature. Pack waterproof clothing, sturdy walking boots and a camera, and you’re good to go!


Spot humpbacks in the Dominican Republic

Catching a glimpse of the humpback whale in the wild is a site to behold wherever you are in the world. Head to the sunny shores of the Dominican Republic between January and March and you are guaranteed to bear witness to a remarkable display of nature, as 80% of the world’s humpback whale population congregates to mate in the Bay of Samana. Organised whale-watching tours set off from Samana Harbour and are the perfect opportunity to experience the Caribbean’s exotic and abundant sea life on your travels. This is one for the nature lover’s bucket list.


Watch birds in Trinidad

There are over 400 kinds of birds navigating Trinidad’s blue skies and lush rainforests, making this paradise island a bird spotter’s dream escape. The sheer variety of birds on offer for an island of this size is phenomenal, and luckily, the bids aren’t shy. You needn’t venture far to spot birds like the Great Kiskadee,  Tropical Mockingbird, Bananaquit or the Scarlet Ibis- Trinidad’s national bird. Visit the Asa Wright Nature Centre for a convenient starting point to explore swamps, forests, marshes, streams and everything in-between.


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