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Barbados offers the chance to see and be seen on a tailor-made holiday


Tailor-made Caribbean Luxury

Where do you go when you need a break from onerous Radio 1 duties? Well, Barbados of course! Fearne Cotton was pictured enjoying the sunshine and ambience of this stunning Caribbean island just after the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It has always welcomed plenty of musicians and media types. Surfers also flock to the north coast where big waves contrast with the sleepier tranquillity of the south coast seas.

Still, I wasn’t there to see or be seen, no I was on a geological expedition ostensibly to see all kinds of geological phenomena and had decided one week would be spent as an eco-tourist and the another simply relaxing and digesting the hectic exploration we managed in week 1.


Barbados is fertile and boasts a number of wonderful botanical gardens. Underground lakes and caves are a draw; if geology is your thing (and it’s mine certainly) the limestone rock erosion in the north eastern stretch of the island is worth visiting and I have managed some incredible photos.

Harrison’s Cave, for example, is a product of Barbados’ peculiar geology and the Welchman Hall Gully is an ethereal gully formed as cave roofs collapsed and the flora and fauna gives you a glimpse of what Barbados looked like when people first colonized the island. It was a spectacular photo opportunity and we were lucky enough to see the Green Monkeys who are fed there every day.

So if you happen to be  a visitor who enjoys combining sightseeing, history, gourmet food, geology  and a spot of sun bathing Barbados will certainly offer you everything you need and more besides. If you want energy this island has it in abundance.

Mind you if you want to be a little more pro-active there is plenty to keep you occupied. Yes, Barbados does sunshine, water sports, idyllic sunbathing and pink sand, but has also has a full complement of boutique hotels, the very best tourist facilities and world class resorts. If gourmet dining and wall to wall shopping are also your thing, a holiday in Barbados will offer you fun and adventure and even educate you about its turbulent history.

On my first week we stayed on a room only basis at the Butterfly Beach Hotel in Christ Church; which just happened to be awarded a certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor this year. Being out most of the time in the first week we decided to be flexible and make our own way but did pay for one or two breakfasts.

We wanted the opportunity to really explore everything that was on offer and this location was absolutely perfect for this and is in the town of Oistins where we even managed to catch (not literally!) the Oistins Fish Fry which happens every weekend.

In the second week we took it easy and left all the frenetic activity behind when we arrived at a 4* adult only hotel called The Club. We hadn’t brought golf clubs on this holiday but many had and took advantage of discounted golf at one of the resort’s courses. Instead, we took it easy and enjoyed indulgent spas, saunas, steam rooms and romantic nights at the Sunset Restaurant just gazing into the sea.

The Club felt very intimate and quiet after Christ Church which was exactly the point of this twin center holiday. We did do a little Reef fishing and sailing but nothing too strenuous and enjoyed the odd rum and also the manager’s cocktail party but avoided the impressive fitness center as I felt tired just looking at its cardio and strength training equipment.

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